Career Site of China
Career Site of China


China is an important market for the metals industry, it is where Primetals Technologies covers the full portfolio as an integrated plant builder.

We offer a complete technology, product and service portfolio that includes integrated electrics, automation and environmental solutions. Our offices are located in Shanghai and we have branch offices in Beijing Tangshan and Changxing.



China is an established and evolving market for the metals industry. Here, many wheels interlock to deliver varied and ambitious projects. As a result our employees are close to our customers and work together with our experts from across the globe. As a responsible employer, we provide opportunities and spaces for talents to grow, not for a short period, but for the long run. Engineers who would like to further develop their technology skills and desire a good platform to learn and practices are warmly welcome in our team. People with talent who would like to enhance their English skills will find the perfect opportunities at Primetals Technologies as English is our working language. We are looking for people with a sense of responsibility, energy and the ability to work in a team and deliver results.

    We are looking for experts in the following specialist areas:

    Computer Science, Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering, Industrial Environmental Protection, Materials Science, Technical Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digitalization, Customer Relations Management, Sales, Project Management, Financing & Business Administration, International Law, Marketing & E-Business, Communication, Human Resources and pioneers with a similar background.


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    • Annual physical examination of Chinese local employees
    • Family day once every two years
    • Domestic company outing once every two years
    • One Company day leave each year
    • Two working days Christmas leave each year
    • Birthday cakes to celebrate employee’s birthday
    • Superior office environment
    • Free coffee and tea
    • Well-equipped canteen in Beijing office providing various choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner   

    Surroundings and free time activities in China

    Shanghai Office

    5 minutes’ walk to Hang Zhong Road subway station (Line 10) or to Qi Bao Baolong mall

    15 minutes' walk to Qi Bao subway station (Line 9) and Qi Bao Vanke mall

    Beijing Office

    10 minutes' walk to Wang Jing South subway station (Line 9) and New World Department Store


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    Head office in Shanghai

    Our head office in Shanghai houses over 200 Shanghai employees on a single, large floor of nearly 3,000 sqm. With its modern workspace, a pleasant business environment and the best possible infrastructure, the office provides employees with a comfortable and engaging working atmosphere. The multiple ABW (activity-based work) areas and digitally focused designs were introduced to energize and inspire employees to bring forward new ideas and explore new frontiers.