Green steel for a zero-carbon world

Climate change is the defining environmental challenge of our times. Primetals Technologies has the expertise to make zero-carbon steel a reality

As of today, the steel industry’s number one product is not metals — it’s carbon. The sector is responsible for 7–10% of global CO2 emissions and about one-third of total emissions from industry. Tackling this situation is not only a moral imperative, it is an absolute necessity for businesses, as new emissions trading schemes are implemented, carbon prices are rising, and regulators are cracking down on polluting production facilities.

With decades of experience in the ironmaking, steelmaking, and continuous casting, Primetals Technologies has the expertise, the tools, and the experience to guide you toward a green and nonetheless profitable future — whether you are only looking to increase energy efficiency or are already aiming for a gradual transition to hydrogen-based, zero-carbon production routes.

To check out the CO2 emissions of steel plants, our experts developed different tools such as the CO2 calculator which determines a plant’s carbon footprint and the simulation tool “m.simtop”, operating on mass and energy balances.